The Emblem of Kurinji College of Arts and Science is spherical in shape. There are two circles in the emblem. The outer circle bears the name and location of the college. The inner circle carries the abbreviated form of Kurinji College of Arts and Science in a convex shaped design which lies in the middle. Above the convex, there is kept an open book at the top left. A computer lies at the top right.There is a microscope at the bottom on the left side and a test tube, a burette and a round bottomed flask on the outer side.

A crown is designed at the top of the emblem. The motto of the college, "LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, CULTURE" is inscribed below the sphere. The Emblem symbolises the following ideals: The Spheres remind us, of the harmonious perfection of mind and body, blessed with freedom and godliness of the world where the students equip themselves physically, intellectually and spiritually. The open book stands for the treasure house of knowledge. The computer signifies the advancement of knowledge to promote the welfare of mankind. The microscope, the test tube, the burette and the round bottomed flask signify the scientific advancement.

The crown at the top of the emblem symbolises success in life. The motto, "LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, CULTURE" indicates the message, love and be loved, which is the basis and supreme trait of human being. The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and knowledge is power. The best part of education is to maintain one's culture till the end. All these things imply that our students should learn the art of living in harmony with the people of different faiths, languages and culture in India. Kurinji College of Arts and Science will always stand as a testimony to the lofty ideals stated above.

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